Faith Community Hospital Case Study

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A discussion of the Faith Community Hospital Case Study, focusing on the problematic issues in the hospital, and illustrating the importance of a good mission statement and goal accomplishment.

This paper analyzes the Faith Community Hospital case study aka Let It Pour. The paper ties in course concepts of ambiguity, perception, individual personal values versus society legal and ethical norms, and communication processes. Included is stakeholder and brand (hospital image) concepts. The writer outlines the recommendations of the case study for the benefit of the hospital.
“”A good mission statement should accurately explain why the organization exists and what it hopes to achieve in the future. It articulates the organization’s essential nature, its values, and its work (Radtke, 1998, Para 2). A good mission statement is not the recipe for success in business; it is the grand global picture. To accomplish the goals identified in the organizational mission statement, identification of all stakeholders, support of key stakeholders, written policies, detailed written procedures, and effective communication are critical success factors. These critical success factors are the missing ingredients at Faith Community Hospital, the subject of this case study.

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