Clara Barton

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Examines life and work of the founder of the American Red Cross and her legacy.

“The biography of Clara Barton (whose full name was Clarissa Harlowe Barton) cannot be written without also writing in some measure the history of the American Red Cross as well as that of the history of nursing. This paper examines the work of this founder of the American Red Cross, looking at both her own life and especially at her work during the major battles of the American Civil War. In order to set her work in the proper historical framework, it also provides a very brief overview of the history of nursing as a profession, a profession with which she is ” along with Florence Nightingale ” responsible in many ways for creating in its contemporary form and at the American Red Cross, of which Barton is the founder.

“Barton, born in 1821 and dying in 1912, dedicated her life to humanitarian causes, of which the Red Cross was perhaps the single …”

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