Advantages of Cloning

Medical and Health / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A look at one advantage of cloning – the use of clones to provide “spare” organs to those who need them, also called “organ harvesting.”

“Why is human cloning viewed as a bad (unethical) thing?” The only thing that is holding the possibilities back is the fact that some people, actually a lot of people, do not approve of cloning in the least bit. It is stated that “one (a clone) will lose the sense of human possibility in freely creating one’s own future` (28), constantly haunted by their earlier twin. Also argued by the Nation Bioethics Advisory Committee is the fact that cloned children have a high chance of low self esteem, wondering their value because they were cloned instead of conceived. On page 21 in the book, it states some of main benefits. The biggest benefit is the fact that people can be cloned, and the embryos can be frozen and gestated for organ harvesting. This would be a huge advance in science, as many people in need of organ transplants will not get them and will die. With organ harvesting, there could be an unlimited supply of `spare parts” to increase the length of life. There is a possible legislation of using cloning as the first step to cure Parkinson’s disease.

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