Fermat’s Last Theorem

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This paper takes a look at this mathematical theorem and how it has fascinated mathematicians for hundreds of years.

This paper briefly gives a background of Pierre de Fermat and states this famous theorem – FLT. It looks at a few working examples of problems related to the theorem and how mathematicians think that they have finally solved them.
Pierre de Fermat was born near Montauban in 1601. He was born in a family reared by a leather-merchant who was his father and was educated at home. He was essentially a lawyer and was an amateur mathematician. Throughout his life, Fermat published only one mathematical paper, which was written anonymously and appeared as an appendix to a book. He died in 1655. (Ball) Fermat’s Last Theorem (FLT) has been one of the most fascinating theorems in mathematics. This theorem has been one the great, unsolved problems in this field for three hundred and fifty some years. Some experts believe, however, that the problem has been solved.

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