Written On The Body by Jeannette Winterson

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The following essay examines how Winterson uses language and metaphors to present to her reader that the metaphysical is really connected with the use of memory and language and word play.

The following paper discusses how Jeannette Winterson uses the context of body and its texture to give the reader a clear vision of the character’s background in the book. In addition this paper explores Winterson’s technique that emerges in her fragmentary narratives.
“Winterson’s work is unique is because of its ability to transfix originality. Perhaps her most beguiling, intensely moving novel to date. However, what sets this book apart is the philosophical meditation that the body is a physical phenomenon. It does not consist of mere bone and organs but it is a reservoir of emotions and containment of the soul. The object of a woman therefore is to explore this body, and try to incorporate her consciousness with it. She has to identify the powers of her body, convert it into love and sex. This may take a long time to discover but it is not impossible to do so.”

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