Washington Irving’s Short Stories

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Compares and contrasts the theme and other elements in two of Washington Irving’s short stories.

This paper compares and contrasts the mood, theme, context, and writing style of `The Legend of Sleepy Hollow` with that of `The Spectre Bridegroom`. The paper discusses the impact of both ghost stories on the reader and notes that although both `The Legend of Sleepy Hollow` and `The Specter Bridegroom` have similar themes and composition, each of these stories stand alone in their own right.
`Because of this lack of hard labor, the town was filled with people who, if judged by the rest of the world, would be considered to be very lazy. Yet this laziness led to a community of people who worked together, where if one man needed a barn repaired or a house built, the entire town would lend a hand and the task would be done without much effort on the part of any individual.
`The second, and even more odd, quality of these townspeople is their willingness to believe in superstition and hauntings. The town and its surrounding landscape is said to be inhabited by ghosts, or has been enchanted by a `high German doctor`, or a hundred other tall tales.”

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