The Storm

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A brief critique on the book “The Storm” by Kate Chopin.

This paper takes a look at the book “The Storm” written by Kate Chopin by focusing on the relationship dynamics which result from the stress of the storm approaching the town, especially between husband and wife.
“Kate Chopin’s The Storm is a short story chronicling the approach of a storm in Louisiana. The main protagonist is Calixta, a young wife. There are also, in the story’s cast of characters, a man whom she is begins an affair with named Alcee Laballiere, Calixta’s young son Bibi, and Calixta’s husband Bobinot. Alcee’s wife makes a brief appearance in a letter at the tale’s end. In the second part of the story it is clearly suggested that Calixta is a selfish woman. She feels no concern for her husband and her young son, although they are likely to be caught in the wake of an approaching storm. “Calixta, at home, felt no uneasiness for their safety,” the narrator says. Rather, Calixta is more focused on her own physical discomfort, the sweat on her brown and the fact that she is overheated in the humid weather. Only when the sky begins to grow dark and it is almost too late does she begin to take precautions for the approaching inclement weather by closing the doors and windows of the house.”

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