The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales

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A look at this compilation of children’s stories and the difficulty in reviewing children’s books.

This compilation was written by Jon Sciezka and illustrated by Lance Smith. It is an interesting example of this phenomenon of how in much of children’s literature; a text cannot be separated by the illustrations that accompany it. This paper shows that the stories may touch children’s imaginations and hearts, but they are also aimed at the adult audience due to the way they contain a parody of certain elements of children’s literature.
Children’s literature aimed at young children poses a unique challenge for an individual attempting to analyze a work of fiction. Normally, the student of fiction can quote from the text with a reasonable expectation that the attitude of the text can be conveyed to the reader of the essay. Simply by reading the selected, quoted passage the reader of the essay ought to get a sense of the book. However, when discussing a picture book, conveying the tone of a work becomes more difficult because the illustrations and the words are inexorably linked. Often, to a very young or pre-literate child reading the book, the pictures are even more important than the words.

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