The Smile by William Blake

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A commentary on William Blake’s poem The Smile which explores the themes and messages involved in the poem.

The following paper examines the way in which Blake, in the poem The Smile, illustrates the human spectrum of emotions using the examples of love and hate. The writer also examines how Blake contrasts the differences between human love and Godly love in this poem.
In the first two stanzas of ‘The Smile;’ Blake places love and hate at the two extremes of human emotion. Blake states that there is a Smile of Smiles in which these two Smiles [Love and Deceit] meet (lines 3-4). The Smile is flawed because it is deceitful, and thus it is human. The entire first stanza of ‘The Smile’ is an allusion to the Christian concept of Original Sin, which states that humans are born flawed and sinful. By having the two Smiles meet, or compromise, Blake states that the majority of human love is tainted. According to Blake, human love is a compilation of pure love and dishonesty.

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