The Beginning and the End

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An analysis of the book “The Beginning and the End” by Naguib Mahfouz.

This paper examines Naguib Mahfouz’s book `The Beginning and the End` and focuses on how the author has an art of making his characters seem realistic in any setting and location. Even though the story was set in Egypt, the writer claims that the book deals with situations which are applicable to most people.
In his novel The Beginning and the End, Naguib Mahfouz presents to us a world in which each character is startlingly familiar, even though the world that his characters inhabit is very different indeed from the reality that most of us live in. But we have all met these people before, all been saddened by women who find their self worth from sexual encounters with men; the person here the youngest son whose ambition blinds them to anything, even the harm that he (in this case) is doing to others; the person (here the middle son) who takes the reverse and yet in many ways equally psychologically dangerous course of always putting others (especially family) first so that there is nothing left of himself; and finally the lazy but ruthless person (in this novel represented by the oldest son of the family) who is only interested in money and will sacrifice everything to increase his fortune.

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