Shakespeare’s Life and Three Works

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A brief look at Shakespeare’s life and three of his works.

The paper details William Shakespeare’s early years, middle years and finally, his later years. The paper then offers a brief comparative analysis of Shakespeare’s works, `Romeo and Juliet`, `Sonnet 73`, and `Sonnet 130`, in terms of theme, imagery and irony. The paper includes an outline of this paper.
`The world’s most performed and admired playwright, William Shakespeare, was born in April, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, which is located 100 miles northwest of London. He was baptized on April 26 at Stratford’s Holy Trinity Church. Shakespeare’s parents were John and Mary Shakespeare, John, being a whittawer (a maker, worker and seller of leather goods such as purses, belts and gloves) and a dealer in agricultural commodities. He was also political serving in Stratford government successively as a member of the Council, constable, chamberlain, alderman and finally high bailiff, which is the equivalent of town mayor. Mary, William Shakespeare’s mother and John Shakespeare’s wife, had eight children with her husband and stayed at home with the family as all women did. William was the third child and the first son. A theater was built when Shakespeare was only twelve years old which would set the design patterns for Shakepeare’s Globe Theater, which he would have built and perform his plays at many many years later (Prentence Hall Literature, 266).`

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