Relationships in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

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A discussion of the time when marriage virtually dominated a woman’s purpose in life and was greatly influenced by her family and social class. Shows how love and equality are stressed in the novel and the positive and negative consequences of marriage.

`In Jane Austen’s England marriage wasn’t a boy meets girl romance. Marriage was a complex web that entangled almost everything: money, family, tradition, society. Ironically and unfortunately, the feelings of the two individuals involved was not high on the list of qualifications for a good marriage. Few were able to resist outside pressures and exercise their right of personal choice in finding a lifelong mate. Among those lucky few were Darcy and Elizabeth and Bingley and Jane. A balance of personality and love existed, and the assumption can be made that each couple would be happy in their marriages. The importance of love and equality in a relationship is continually stressed throughout the novel as the reader is shown the alternatives and the negative and positive consequences of marriage.`

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