Personification in Charles Dickens’ Book A Tale of Two Cities

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Describes the literary devices Dickens uses in this book to foreshadow the approaching French Revolution.

This paper uses the first book of Charles Dickens’ novel, `A Tale of Two Cities`, as an example of how Dickens uses a number of literary devices, including personification, to foreshadow the approaching struggle. Several times in this first book, personification is used in anticipation of the coming Revolution.
The first chapter in `Recalled to Life` is called `The Period,` in which the state of both France and England in the year 1775 is presented. Included in the description of France, a young boy is badly tortured and then killed for not kneeling before a procession of monks walking by at a far distance. The author then writes, ?It is likely enough that, rooted in the woods of France and Norway. . . ”

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