Oedipus Rex

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The following essay is a comparison of Aristotle’s and Freud’s interpretation of the play “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles.

This paper explores and contrasts Aristotle’s interpretation of Oedipus’ tragic tale as the unjust subjugation of fate where Oedipus’ choice led him to his downfall. On the other hand while in interpreting Oedipus, Sigmund Freud indicated that ignorance of the sub-consciousness was the result of Oedipus condition and thus Freud’s is a mere presentation of the realization of consciousness and the resulting self inflicted punishment by the male lead, Oedipus.
“Hence it could be interpreted that Sophocles seems to think that wisdom is the main culprit for the many choices that Oedipus made. But of core justice is wisdom about human affairs and the difficulty that Oedipus faced when he realized he had committed incest he served justice himself by blinding himself. Yet one see that this was done after a tedious and long quest for the truth because Oedipus still clung on the notion that he could benefit from the situation. However, in the end he was overcome by his own inner sense of justice which served him equity for the sins he committed, for the time he ignored to take any kind of initiative for the acts of fate he experienced.”

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