Nikolai Gogol

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Critical analysis of theses and various interpretations of short story “The Overcoat,” particularly the ending.

“Nikolai Gogol was a major Russian novelist, dramatist, satirist, and founder of the socalled school of critical realism in Russian literature. Gogol was born in Sorochintsi, Ukraine, and grew up on his parent’s country estate. His real surname was Ianovskii, but his grandfather had taken the name Gogol to claim a noble Cossack ancestry. Gogol’s father was an educated and gifted man who also wrote plays, poems, and sketches in Ukrainian. Gogol started writing while in high school. He attended Poltava boarding school (181921) and Nezhin high school (182128), and in 1829, he settled in St. Petersburg, with a certificate attesting his right to “the rank of the 14th class.” Gogol worked at minor governmental jobs and wrote occasionally for periodicals. From 1831 to 1834, Gogol taught history at the Patriotic Institute and worked as a…”

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