Morality in The Odyssey of Homer

Literature / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
By examining some key episodes within “The Odyssey”, this paper shows how the characters, particularly Odysseus, undergo a change towards greater morality.

“Within Homer’s Odyssey, many situations present a prevailing moral code within the ancient society. However, the heroes seem to be pushed to do good by ulterior, selfish motives. Yet, if one looks closely at the text one can see the beginnings of an ingrained moral code already in place within the society. This over-riding code affects Odysseus in his trials in trying to return home. Every decision made has a consequence, especially in relation to the gods. This is not conventional morality, in that it does not base itself on one’s own inner conscience, but on an exterior moral code which all are pushed to believe in, or suffer the consequences of their actions through the wrath of the gods.”

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