Love Medicine

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The following paper examines and purposefully contrasts the characters of King and Liphsa in Louise Erdrich’s novel `Love Medicine`.

This paper discusses what Erdrich’s purpose was in making these half brothers, King and Liphsa, so different. It claims that the differences [ethnic background] do not eliminate differentiation of origins, race and inner beliefs. This paper contends that these factors cannot be changed even if an individual pretend to blend into a different kind of culture like Lipsha did in the book. This is what makes the brothers different from each other.
“Louise Erdrich’s novel Love Medicine, portrays the extraordinary life among the native Americans. At first reading, one does not clearly comprehend certain style of the writer’s but gradually once the theme and story line becomes commonly understood readers learn to interpret each of the scenes that is more in line with his/her own ethnic background. In Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine, we see the effects of American Natives going through a series of changes including their core religious and spiritual belief. Her characters, over a roughly fifty-year period, are seen grappling with the contradictory effects of this effort to, on the one hand, isolate the Native Americans on reservations, and on the other, make ‘regular’ Americans of them.”

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