Linda Loman as the Mediator between Delusion and Reality

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The role and purpose of the character of Linda Loman in Arthur Miller’s play `Death of a Salesman`.

In `Death of a Salesman`, Arthur Miller uses the character of Linda Loman as a looking glass through which the characters see their true selves. This papere explains that Linda is a character that does not have as many lines as the characters of Willie and Biff, but her comments and speeches make a poignant statement as to the situation of the family and expose the flaws of the other characters.
The dynamic between Linda and Willie is similar to that of a mother and a child. She provides encouragement and has effect of unconsciously causing Willie guilt because of his past actions of infidelity. Linda is the character that borders on the lies that have been told in her home for years and the truth about who the people in her life really are. Linda acknowledges the shortcomings of her husband and sons, but goes along with the charade that things can and will eventually become better because she realizes that the destruction of the lies is the ultimate destruction of her family.

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