LIiterary Accounts of Dido

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Discusses her rule over Carthrage and her depictions in Virgil’s `Aeneid` and Dante’s “Divine Comedy” & Christine de Pizon’s 1405 `Book of the City of Ladies` which was written to rehabilitate Dido’s reputation & to counteract lies about women character

“Christine de Pizan’s Book of the City of Ladies (1405) was written to counteract the lies and misrepresentations about women’s character that the author found in literature in which all the male writers seemed to “speak from one and the same mouth” (4). She resolved, with the help and guidance of the allegorical figures of Reason, Rectitude, and Justice, to write a demonstration of the invaluable contributions of women throughout history. She intended to counteract the ridiculous claims by male writers “that the behavior of women is inclined to and full of every vice” (4). er examples range from the mythological Amazons to the women of the Old Testament and examples from more recent history. The greatest number, however, derived from classical history and literature. One of the best known, or, as Pizan put it, the woman whose “fame has surpassed that of all…”

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