Laura’s Path in Delta Wedding by Eudora Welty

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This essay details the emotional path Laura travels as she grows into her new family, and gives insight to her future at the Fairchilds’ plantation.

`It is with the perceptions of nine-year-old Laura McRaven that the reader most closely associates with when reading Eudora Welty’s southern masterpiece, Delta Wedding, as the confusion caused by the often hard to follow storyline parallels the confusion Laura faces as she enters a new phase of her life. Although she is not a major character throughout most of the novel, as a bookends figure, it is Laura with whom the reader builds the closest relationship. It is at the same time as Laura that we are thrust onto the Delta and into the almost mythical world of the Fairchilds at their plantation. As with many situations in this work, Laura’s fate is left unresolved as the novel concludes. However, throughout the story, during everyday life at Shellmound, the reader is able to gather a keen sense of personality in each character and as such, piece together clues that yield a vision of Laura’s future. `

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