Integrity and Dramatic Life by Anselm Berrigan

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The following paper is a critical analysis of the poems in Anselm Berrigan’s `Integrity & Dramatic Life`.

The following essay critically analyzes Anselm Berrigan’s poems: “In the paintings of Will “, “My Poem”, “Poem minus thing”, “Ghost Town” and “A short history of autumn”. This essay suggests that if we look at life’s journeys from Berrigan’s view and their path along the way, we may have a clearer understanding of where Anselm Berrigan is going with his poetry.
“The poems in Anselm Berrigan’s `Integrity & Dramatic Life`, express many aspects of individuality, isolation, cycles of life, mental anguish and frustration of society. Some of the poems tend to resemble rambling but in a sense relate to aspects of the subject as it is seen in the mind of ones inner thoughts. The `Ghost Town,` for example shows ones outlook on the cycle of life and the process of labor. Anselm expresses a view of the cycle of labor in a practical sense but also uses outward ramifications to show some of his imaginary personality. ”

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