Earle Birney’s Poem Irapuato

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An analysis of the literary devices used in Earle Birney’s poem `Irapuato.`

This paper shows how Birney not only describes a scene through his poem `Irapuato,` but also uses the literary devices of tone, rhythm, and symbolism to show the reader his disgust with the chain of events that he describes. The paper explores these literary devices as well.
`The Abrams Glossary of Literary Terms uses a definition for tone by I.A. Richards. `Richards defined tone as the expression of a literary speaker’s attitude to his listener (Abrams 218). Birney, through his attitude toward the subject that he describes, conveys a message that subsequently expresses his attitude to his audience. The use of tone by Birney is very important to the message that the poet is trying to convey to his audience. If one uses this definition for tone, it is unproblematic when examining how Birney uses this literary device to influence his readers to understand his disgust with the situation he describes. The part of the poem that influences the tone the greatest are lines six through nine…

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