An Examination of Fate and the Frailty of Life

Literature / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Compares the notion of fate in Jacqueline Mitchard’s novel `The Deep End of the Ocean`, to Jane Hamilton’s novel “A Map of the World”.

“The question whether or not the events in our lives are fated to happen has challenged philosophers, scientists and historians throughout time. Similarly, modern literature has also probed this question. Two authors who explore this question are Jacquelyn Mitchard in her novel The Deep End of the Ocean and Jane Hamilton in her novel A Map of the World. Both novels explore the theme of how a twist of fate can change the course of life. From their mistakes, both of the main characters in Mitchard and Hamilton’s novels experience the frailty of life and the effects a twist of fate can have upon a person’s life. Although Alice Goodwin’s mistakes had a more severe consequence resulting in death in A Map of the World, Beth Cappadora in The Deep End of the Ocean suffered the death of her soul after the experiencing her twist of fate. At the end of the novels, both Alice and Beth are re-born and are optimistic about the life to come. ”

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