True Justice By Way of Injustice

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This essay is based on the ideas set forth in “The Genesis of Justice”, by Alan M. Dershowitz. It explores how the ideal of justice was employed in the bible. Biblical stories of injustice are examined herein (e.g. Cain and Abel), and their effects as directly procured from the Ten Commandments. The paper includes many quotes from biblical passages.
“I could not imagine a better manner in which to learn of true justice than the examination of true injustice. In the examination of injustice, we are called upon to summon the innate sense that exists in all human beings: the sense of right and wrong. None of us inexorably knows what is fair or unfair, we simply feel it. There are many outside agents that do in fact guide and effect this sense, yet it is this very sense that allows us to define ourselves as individuals and as advocates of fairness in our own minds. In reading biblical stories of injustice the reader is asked to play the role of a judge of sorts. Although in modern times we cannot truly take on the mindset that was prevalent in those times, we are nonetheless asked to judge the injustices in whatever terms are readily available to us. The fact that we do not live, or even think, in the same manner as people did then does not bar us from being effective judges, as relativity in terms of time and place can never truly be an unalienable excuse for injustice.”

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