The U.S Supreme Court

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An analysis of the U.S Supreme Court and their impact on the constitution.

This paper examines the constitution against the decisions of the Supreme Court and evaluates how the meaning of the U.S. Constitution has been shaped by the personalities, philosophies and composition of the members of the U.S. Supreme Court. The writer compares and contrasts two U.S. Supreme Court Justices with different philosophies of law and interpretation. The paper covers the theory and cites specific case examples and their impact on the United States.
“We live in what is supposed to be the best nation on earth. We have freedoms that many do not have and we have opportunity that many never see. This country is one that embraces diversity and personal rights. While we have all of these things we have also reached a point in our existence where there are so many people and so many diverse ideas that its difficult to sort out what is and isn’t a constitutional right sometimes. The Supreme Court is often charged with making those decisions, which outs the Supreme Court in the position of not only interpreting the constitution but also shaping it as well by its decisions and rulings.”

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