The Application of Canadian Law to Crime on the Internet

Law / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A paper examining and questioning the concept of crime enforcement with respect to preservation of human rights and the potential harm and benefit of the internet.

“The Internet is rapidly and dramatically changing the way the world conducts business, communicates, educates and lives. While the Internet provides unlimited opportunities for businesses to expand and for society to develop in positive ways, it also creates a powerful new tool for people to commit crimes. The prevention and deterrence of these crimes, as well as how the law applies to them will be the main focus in the research essay. The Internet, like most new technological advances can be considered a “value-neutral” tool. It can be used in ways that are both beneficial or harmful to society. New technologies often create new forms of illegal or undesirable behavior. New technologies also provide new ways of committing traditional illegal behavior. With this new foundation of crime, legal questions arise: how can the law restrict or prevent these crimes from happening without a.) infringing on one’s rights?, b.) without restricting the positive features offered by the most informational tool ever?, and c.) can anything really be done now, or has the problem already spread further than the reach of any feasible solution?”

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