Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Risk Communication

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This well-detailed paper discusses Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) in the light of risk communication.

This paper studies the phenomenon of fetus alcohol addiction which is babies born to mothers who abuse alcohol during their pregnancy. It examines the conclusions of several research materials on this topic. The author finds that alcohol abuse is the most widespread of all system abuse due to unawareness, inefficient risk communication and it is inherent in the Western culture. It includes an in-depth analysis of the seven research references used to write this paper. It also includes an appendix with a few recent articles on the subject.
“Substance abuse has become a widespread disease. These are not limited to cocaine, marijuana or opium. Indeed I am talking about the alcohol abuse. In Western culture especially consumption of alcohol is traditional, not against the law unlike other Asian countries. However, when the consumption level is too high, there are consequences to pay. In reading some of the research materials on this topic, I found that among all substance abuse, alcohol has the highest consequences. This is due to Unawareness, Lack/ inefficient risk communication, and Inherent in culture.”

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