An In-Depth Look at Social Programs Across the Country

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A look at several programs, such as drug and alcohol abuse programs, community dispute programs, and the future of such programs.

Table of Contents

Pre- Trial Intervention
Drug Courts
Statutory Diversion
TASC Programs
Mediation Programs
Victim – Offender Mediation Programs
Community Dispute Resolution Programs
Alcohol Detoxification Centers
Manhattan Bowery Corporation
Future of Diversion Programs
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In today’s society it has become necessary for the criminal justice system to attempt to employ mores alternatives to the traditional prosecution of cases. It was from this need that Diversion Programs were born. These programs were set up to benefit both the offender and the criminal justice system. There are several benefits for offenders that these diversion programs offer. It allows an eligible offender to be quickly evaluated and have intervention proceed. After identified as an eligible offender, personalized help can be offered. Help such as drug and alcohol counseling, medical care and different forms of education. Diversion also lessens the trauma to the offender, from an emotional and economic point of view, due to facing possible criminal prosecution. As a whole, these programs give offenders an opportunity to be diverted out of the criminal justice system and get a second chance to redeem themselves.

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