The Case of Bilingual Education

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Analysis of a position paper on the subject of bilingual education by Diane Ravitch.

This paper analyzes a dissertation of a conservative scholar, Diane Ravitch, on bilingual education. The paper explores the efficiency of this education method.
“Diane Ravitch’s position paper, publicized in the Practice of Writing, is taken from her book about education. Ravitch discusses the origins of Bilingual education from the civil rights movement, which inspired racial solidarity, to the Bilingual Education Act of 1968, which endorsed funding for bilingual education. The main theme of Ravitch’s paper, however, is her objection to required, mandatory, bilingual education. It is the schools’ role, she maintains, to decide how to teach English to non-native English speakers; politicians, Ravitch argues, cannot enforce a pedagogical method on professional educators. While she does not states it explicitly, one also gets the idea that Ravitch opposes bilingual education in any case, as her overall approach towards it is very critical.”

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