The United Nations and Human Rights Violations

International Relations / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A description of how the United Nations has dealt with human rights violations.

This paper discusses how the United Nations has dealt with two international human rights violations–torture and religious intolerance. It shows how in these specific areas the UN has not been successful and examines why.
“In the section of the United Nations’ report devoted to torture, it is noted that over the years there have been a significant number of cases in which torture victims are from minority racial or ethnic groups. The report says that members of racial or ethnic groups are not usually subjected to particular forms of torture applied uniquely to them because they are members of these groups. However, minorities and members of ethnic groups are disproportionately subjected to torture. Also, ethnic differences may often contribute to the process of the dehumanization of the victim, as ethnicity and race are seen by some law enforcement officials as indicators of criminality and often lead to a harsher treatment.”

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