The Spread of Multinational Corporations

International Relations / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
An in-depth study of the spread of multinational corporations, focusing on the global economy and world-wide free trade.

This paper analyzes the current state of the multinational corporation (MNC). In particular it discusses its ability to exert influence on international economic, political, and social conditions. The writer poses the question of whether a day will come in the near future when a business will run the world. The paper provides several figures, tables, many statistics and examples.
Introduction — Motivation Definition Examples
Background — Growth of World Trade Transportation Communications Decline in Tariffs General Peace Evolution of MNCs Export stage Foreign Production stage Licensing Direct foreign investment Multinational stage Difficulties with MNCs Efficiency Public Accountability Power and Influence — Politics Issues Actions Case studies Economics Issues Actions Case studies Society Issues Actions Case studies MNCs in Developing Countries Issues Actions Case studies Conclusions and Predictions
“With the progress in technology and communication over the past few decades, the movement from a world of separate states to one of a global community cannot be surprising. Participating in this expansion of interdependence have been many types of human endeavors, including the dissemination of culture, the mobility of people, and the increase in trade and business ventures. While the evolution of business from town stores to franchise chains to national enterprises and finally to huge multinational corporations has not been unnoticed or surprising, the final growth stage has been largely unchecked.”

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