The After-Effects of World War Two

International Relations / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
This paper looks at historical events which are considered results of the Second World War.

This paper discusses the after-effects of World War Two which started with the nuclear bomb and, as the writer claims, deteriorated. The writer paints the picture of a domino effect chain of events including Vietnam, Mc Carthy and the arms race. The paper focuses on the United States.
“World War II is not over. This may sound like a strange statement, given that it is common to say even the Cold War is over. How can the war that spawned the Cold War be continuing? However, this paper will contend World War II affected the balance of power among nations and changed nations’ views so drastically regarding the human cost of war and the destruction wrought by genocide and racism that in essence, World War II continues to be fought. The issues that it brought to the surface still remain the critical ones of the international consciousness.”

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