Spanish-American War

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Analysis of the Spanish-American War of 1898.

This paper looks at the Spanish-American War of 1898 and examines two enduring legacies, a restructuring of U.S. naval power and a realignment of the U.S. position towards its neighbors in Latin America. It also provides a background to the breakout of the war.
“The story is nearly as famous as those wooden teeth of George Washington’s although this one being nearer to us in time is probably less embellished. It is hard to imagine that anyone growing up in the United States has not heard at one point or another about the Rough Riders actually the 1st Volunteer Cavalry in the Spanish-American War, a regiment recruited by Theodore Roosevelt and composed of cowboys, miners, law-enforcement officials, and college athletes. Their colorful and often unorthodox exploits received extensive publicity in the U.S. press, especially after Colonel Leonard Wood resigned as White House physician to command the regiment (Cosmas, 1998, p. 37).”

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