Should the United States Invade Iraq?

International Relations / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
An argument in support of the United States refraining from attacking Iraq, because it would cause tremendous human suffering and serious harm to American interests throughout the world.

The paper argues for the United States to act in concert with other nations in containing the Iraqi dictator. It provides a history of the United Nations endorsed 1990 Gulf War. The author describes how the U.S. interest in Iraq is its oil and weapons of mass destruction. The author of the paper expresses fear that a unilateral U.S. war on Iraq would cause terrorism and anti-American sentiment worldwide.
“In 1991, the United States, with the endorsement of the United Nations Security Council, launched an offensive against Iraq shortly after the latter invaded Kuwait. The war’s aims, according then president George Bush, were the expulsion of Iraqi forces from Kuwait, stabilization of the Gulf, and protection of Americans in Kuwait. (Ambrose & Brinkley) Two major reasons for the war not mentioned by Bush, it is widely acknowledged, were the protection of American oil interests in the region and the disarmament of Iraq’s nuclear weapons program. After few days of bombings Iraq surrendered and withdrew its forces from Kuwait, thereby realizing the stated objectives of the war. As the war ended, and throughout the 1990’s, the UN, under American leadership, enforced various sanctions on Iraq with the hope of preventing Hussein’s regime from obtaining biological and nuclear weapons. Nowadays, particularly after Hussein expelled international arms inspectors from Iraq in 1998, and even more so after the relative success of the war in Afghanistan, many Americans are convinced that the US, with or without international backing, should invade Iraq with the goal of removing Hussein and inserting a regime that will be favorable to American interests. While reasonable arguments are being made about the dangers emanating from the Iraqi regime, the unilateralist military overthrow of the Iraqi government is likely to have negative ramifications on both American and universal interests for many years to come.”

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