Globalization and the Development State

International Relations / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Examining new challenges which face the government, businesses and individuals in an ever-globalizing world.

An exploration of the phenomenon of globalization – focusing on the new and constantly evolving set of arrangements and compromises between a state, society and industry. The paper looks at social gateways which have been opened due to globalization and how these present cultural challenges to the populations of both countries exposed. It also deals with the guidelines which governments and states have to follow when opening up trade and cultural borders. The paper focuses on these challenges, but stresses the advantages of globalization.
“Many Developmental States come under intense pressure as a result of the talent, technology, capital, and institutions brought into a regional or small market by large-scale multi-national enterprises from developed nations. Trade between nations that are not at the same level of expertise can introduce an imbalance in the economic field of the less developed nations. Unbalanced trade relations can create a disparity of wealth and resources between countries and introduce the culture of haves and have-nots between nations. An unbalanced trade relationship can also impose on a nation the burden of lower trade surpluses and stability of the economy in the country. (Cohen and Stephen, 1991.)”

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