White Support for Repatriating Slaves to Africa

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Looks at the history of white support in the U.S. for repatriating slaves to Africa.

“As the 19th Century began in the United States, thoughtful observers could not conclude that massive sectional conflict and civil war would occur within their lifetime. However, at that time, significant opposition to slavery first began. In the North, all states quickly outlawed the practice of slavery, and the idea of slavery in the United States soon fell under attack. The anti-slavery movement first began in the early part of the 19th century, and from the beginning, the movement was fragmented between abolitionists who favored freeing the slaves, and the colonizers, who wanted to send all the slaves back to Africa. Initially, the stronger movement was for colonization. William Lloyd Garrison, the prominent abolitionist, was once a supporter of the American Colonization Society, although he later left because he rejected the Society’s racism. Support for the colonization movement reflected the fears and prejudices of white Americans. Some whites supported Colonization as a just means to end slavery. However, whites also thought that blacks should not live in the United States because racism was an immutable characteristic of American Society. Furthermore, whites wanted blacks to leave because some whites thought that colonization would benefit whites economically. ”

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