U.S. Opinion on Israel

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This paper examines several opinion polls taken in the U.S. on Israel.

This paper is an in-depth analysis of polls taken in the U.S. concerning the State of Israel. It examines several polls and their results as well as their conclusions. It proves that some of the conclusions are wrong and explains what they really mean. It details the limitations and disadvantages of polls in general as well as their advantages. It details the field of market research and how it can help in these sort of cases. It concludes that U.S. opinion on Israel is not perfectly consistent and is greatly affected by the shifting and always volatile situation in the Middle East.
“How do we know what it is that we think that we know? Beyond the philosophical issues that such a question brings up, there are a number of more technical ways to address that question, especially as we enter the 21st century, a period of time in which public-opinion polls seem to rule every aspect of our political – and sometimes cultural and social – lives. This paper examines U.S. opinion on Israel — which polls find to be generally favorable – by looking at some of those polls after first considering some of the important ways that polls can inform of – and some of the equally key ways in which polls are limited in their ability to tell us what a group of people actually thinks (www.ccfr.org).”

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