United States History Excerpts

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Highlights a few American leaders, political movements and governmental programs of the first half on the twentieth century.

This paper discusses some of the major events of the first half of the previous century. It looks at Populists and Progressives, Women, the Nineteenth Amendment, Ku Klux Klan, Open Door Policy, FDA, CCC, The Great Depression, Woodrow Wilson, Upton Sinclair, George Perkins, Bruce Barton, Langston Hughes and more.
“The beginning half of the twentieth century was marked in the United States by whirlwinds of change. The country fought the first world war, enjoyed economic unity, was crushed by the Great Depression, and finally started back on the road to recovery all in a matter of three decades. Many political and social movements arose during these times. . . All of these events and many more define the early twentieth century, a time marked by a complex and storied history.”

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