Treaty of Versailles

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Discusses origins and effects of WWI peace treaty. Examines thesis that its terms represented vindictiveness by Allies toward Germany. Allied war and postwar aims, compromises, war guilt clause, effects in Germany.

“This research paper discusses the origins and effects of the Treaty of Versailles and examines the validity of the thesis that its peace terms represented uncontrolled vindictiveness by the Western Allies toward the defeated Central Powers led by Germany.

“The terms of peace in the Treaty reflected the strong anti-German (and anti-Austrian) antagonisms which were aroused in the Western democracies by the catastrophic and traumatic effects of the First World War as well as by the chaos, disorder and revolutions in Central Europe which followed in its wake. The principal leaders of the victorious powers at the Paris Peace Conference, Prime Minister Lloyd George of Great Britain (LG), Premier Georges Clemenceau of France and President Woodrow Wilson …”

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