The Second Persian Gulf War: The Unfinished War

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This is a look at the causes of the Persian Gulf War and its effects, as well as reasons why it is not finished, in a sense.

In this paper I look at the causes of the Persian Gulf War. What Kuwait did to provoked the Iraqi invasion? Why Iraq felt it was necessary to invade Kuwait? What could the United States and other Arab Nations have done to prevent the invasion? Then I briefly write about the events of the fighting in the Persian Gulf War. Finally I evaluate the United States’ policy towards Iraq since the War. Has it had an effect? Have we achieved any of our goals? What else can we do?
In my paper I conclude that the Persian Gulf War was necessary under the circumstances. Furthermore, I write about how our policy has failed towards Iraq and how it needs to be more aggressive. This paper is eight pages long and uses footnote rather then a bibliography. The paper is very informative, yet very opinionated.

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