The Marriage Between the Chippewa and Cree

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A look at the lives of these two tribes, with reference to the fur trade with European companies in the Americas

“Even before the 1600s, before the introduction of the fur trade in North America, the Chippewa and Cree tribes resembled each other culturally, linguistically and geographically, give or take a few hundred miles. They controlled areas in the Great Lakes region up to the southern edge of the Hudson Bay Company hunting, fishing, trading, warring with other Indian tribes and harvesting small crops of maize and wild rice. The European fur trade, made particularly competitive by the establishment of the Hudson Bay Company in 1670, pushed both tribes westward in their quest of furs which the Indians traded for guns, alcohol, and horses around the end of the 18th century. But as the furs depleted in the east and northcentral part of the continent and “the Great White Father,” and “her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland,” extended their reach further into North America, the tribes felt even more pressure to migrate West.”

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