The Life and Career of Margaret Thatcher

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This is an analytical summary of Margaret Thatcher and how she has opened doors for women in politics and changed Britain’s government and economics.

This paper examines the life of Margaret Thatcher and how she will always be remembered as the Iron Lady. The author feels that the impact she made on British government can never be reversed. This paper also discusses the role model that Ms Thatcher became for many women all over the world, and the immense progress in women’s rights she inspired by becoming the first woman prime minister in Britain. The paper studies her life and achievements and the impact she has made on history.
“Margaret Thatcher was a social revolutionary and one of the most brilliant conservatives of the twentieth century. She opened the door to women in European politics by becoming the first woman Prime Minister in British history. I am going to discuss some of the views, which she is known for, and I do mean some, because she had many and I would have to do an entire research paper to begin to cover them all.”

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