The Life and Accomplishments of Golda Meir

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A look into the accomplishments and achievements of past Israeli prime minister, Golda Meir.

This paper presents a detailed understanding of the life and accomplishments of Golda Meir, Israel’s first woman prime minister. The writer takes the reader through an exploration of Meir’s life and the accomplishments that she is credited for.
“Our history is peppered with leaders who made a difference. It is only in recent years however that women began to smash the political glass ceiling and begin making differences in the way the world is run. One of the most influential female world leaders of all time didn’t’t wait for others to break the glass ceiling. She barged right through it as if it wasn’t’t there. Golda Meir was an inspiration to all she came in contact with. From her poverty stricken childhood to her career that made her famous Meir had perseverance and fortitude that made her the Prime Minister of Israel that she was.”

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