The Irish Political Structure

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This paper presents an overview of Irish political structure, taking into consideration the historical factors that have produced the Irish state as it is currently structured and looking at what the future might bring to Ireland.

The following paper discusses the complex story of the political history of Ireland. The writer examines the complexities in this particular tale that arise primarily from the intricacies of colonization, and the particular kind of colonization inflicted on the Irish by the English. In addition the way in which the volatile religious climate of the land affected Irish history is also be explored.

Making of the Modern Irish State
Implications for Comparative Politics,State, Society, and Economy
Governance and Policy-making
The Executive
Other Organizations of the State
Representation and Participation
The Legislature
Political Parties
Political Culture
“Humans have inhabited Ireland for millennia, but an examination of the current political structure in Ireland does not have to go back quite so far. Where exactly to begin, however, remains a good question, for every historical event can be seen to have a precedent in what came before. But one of the most obvious places to begin is with the Irish Revolution.
Growing tension and resentment in Ireland over British rule at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries and the question of Irish independence set in motion a chain of events that came to be known as the Irish Revolution. Conflicts between nationalists, who wanted a completely independent Irish republic, and unionists, who wished to remain under British control, led to the establishment of armed paramilitary groups in both areas of the island.”

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