The Gulf War

History / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
Assesses reasons for Operation Desert Storm. Role of oil; underlying economic & political agendas.

“The Gulf War occurred when Iraq invaded nearby Kuwait and proceeded to try to destroy the infrastructure of the country, even to setting fire to the oil fields and dumping oil into the Gulf, endangering the ecology of the region. There was no moral justification for the original invasion, and repelling this invasion was seen as a just cause. The world community agreed that this was so. Operation Desert Storm was viewed as one of the signal successes of the Bush Administration. The war had its critics, but in general it was seen as (and touted as by the Bush Administration) a necessary action, a well-coordinated military operation, and an instance of American success after many years of failures, or at best inaction. The war produced an environmental nightmare as the Iraqi forces tried to destroy the Kuwaiti oil fields by setting them on fire and by spilling…”

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