The Decline of the American Political Party: A Book Review

History / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A review of William Crotty’s `American Parties in Decline,` which examines the waning of political parties in America, and the reasons for this.

`In his work, American Parties in Decline, William Crotty outlines the seeming demise of the dominant influence which political parties once held in America. Crotty traces this demise through history as shown in different elections, and explores the reasons for this ebb. Crotty delineates three main reasons for this decay of the importance of political parties. First, the electorate is changing, as party identification and loyalty are weakening among voters. The means by which campaigns are conducted are changing, including the funding of elections and the shift toward single-issue and ideological thinking. Furthermore, the parties are becoming less important in decision making processes in congress and hence becoming less important to the president. `

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