The Arrogance of Power: A Criticism of America’s Foreign Policy

History / April 23, 2015 / No Comments /
A review of Senator J. William Fullbright’s book, `The Arrogance of Power,` and its harsh criticism of American involvement in foreign affairs.

`In his 1966 work, The Arrogance of Power, Senator J. William Fulbright criticizes the then contemporary foreign policy of the United States. Fulbright asserts that the United States’ foreign policy is overly intrusive and that the goals which we hope to achieve by this domineering approach are, in reality, hindered by excessive American involvement in the affairs of other nations. In his inciting and caustic work, he calls for a revolutionary change in the execution of almost every facet of foreign policy. Fulbright buttresses his assertion not only by citing both foreign and domestic problems caused by America’s foreign policy, but in addition by proposing various solutions to further the universal goal of peace. `

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