Senator Strom Thurmond: Dirty Old Man

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An essay on how Strom Thurmond ?took small county politics and applied it on a statewide basis.?

“Strom Thurmond is South Carolina, and South Carolina is Strom Thurmond. He began his public office-holding career in 1929 as county superintendent of education and, except for the period from 1950 to 1954, has continued to serve his state in one governmental function or another (Bass and Thompson 40). He is the Senate’s oldest and longest serving member at the age of 98. He is currently serving his eighth, possibly last, consecutive term – more on this later (1, 338). Mark Goodin, Strom’s campaign manager in 1996, says of Strom, “There’s still nobody better at pressing the flesh` (338). He refers to the Senator’s reputation as the king of all campaigners. Strom `took small county politics and applied it on a statewide basis` according to fellow Congressman Butler Derrick, who was raised in Strom’s hometown of Edgefield, South Carolina.`

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