Saka-Moni Buddha

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A look at the growth of Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as a look at the Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

“A race of people unique in religion and culture emerged to fight many battles among themselves and eventually emerge as a single kingdom, the Mauryan Empire. By the end of 396 BCE the empire was united. During all of this time Hinduism a new religion had spring from the ashes of the inter-Aryan and Dravidian wars. The new belief was a synthesis of various aspects of both religions. From the Dravidians came meditation ritual bathing and cleansing. From the Aryans came their Vedas and sacrifices, etc. Hinduism flourished going through a Vedic period, an upanishad period, and later a Bhakti period. But during the period which followed the rise of king Bambisara in 550 BCE, a new religious belief would grow from the old. Around 500 – 400 BCE a young man named Siddartha Gautama would be born. In the land of the Sakya’s a Ksatriya Clan in northern India. The city where he grew up was Kapilavatsu. ”

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