Patrick Henry

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The following essay takes a look at the life of Patrick Henry, the American Demosthenes, the loud voice of a people seeking freedom.

This paper takes a look at Patrick Henry, a revolutionist whose hatred of centralized government and a passion for freedom were some of the most vital contributions to the revolution and the subsequent formation of a national government. This paper discusses how Henry influences today’s radical, federal-building-bombing, gun-toting, survivalist, home-schooling militia groups.
In this age of revisionist history, the time has come to talk of many things that only a few years ago may have been overlooked. There exists today a certain openness to the possibility that not every one of the men who founded our nation was a saint. That, in many cases, if they were to be magically transplanted to the present, in addition to being a little astonished at the flying machines, they might find themselves entirely at odds with the very government they helped to create and the society that has built itself around that government.

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